Invaders Must Die – Year 11 IT Project

A long time ago, in a high school down down under… Something along those lines?

During my second to last year in high school which for us Aussies is year 11, I was partaking in “Information Technology” as one of my study choices. This subject included learning some basic fundamentals on how computers worked, simple programming (They were teaching Visual Basic). Having already been through this, I fell into the category of one of those students who couldn’t stand the subject because it was so entirely and utterly, completely boring.

But when it came around to our major for the subject, it was a chance to finally spend 6 weeks doing something interesting!


Some of the issues included having to write adequate documentation on how everything worked as well as writing the project in Visual Basic which was utter garbage in my opinion. I discovered a really useful site called DeveloperFusion which has a VB.Net to C# and vice versa converter that’s worth checking out here. So I did some research into it and figured out what I wanted to do for the project after starting a few smaller ideas and ended up with a Geometry Wars-like clone.

The project was originally programmed in C# and was converted into VB.Net. I had a breakdown of both a NAS and my laptop at the time so the original source was lost and only the VB.Net version remained. I’ve uploaded it to the internet and my plans for the future are to finish up with all of the features I wanted to implement to this originally and then start the project from scratch again perhaps as a tutorial on how it all works.

NOTE: This project is nowhere even near finished to the standard that I would find acceptable, someday I’ll come through and add FMOD for sounds and a scoring system.

You can check out the project source and released at GitHub :